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Cable Assembly

We offering the comprehensive service of cable assembly for equipment connection from design, proofing and manufacturing, we aim to be the OEM/ODM of cable connection to the global customers, the advanced services we offering also include the total solution for large cable assembly.

We provide innovative and customized solutions to meet flexible needs. The largest processing section of cable can be 630mm2, our products are widely used in locomotives, wind power, mobile power supply, high voltage equipment manufacturing and other fields.

All our wires, cables and assemblies are approved by UL, CE, VDE and other safety certification to meet different industrial requirements. For more information relating PANAWINCN wiring harness please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Industry Focus Wind Power HV Electric Equipment
Engineering Machinery Transportation System
Numerically-Controlled Machine Tools Photovoltaic System
Sliding Power Devices Material Movement
Cable Type Braided Flat
Coaxial Multi-conductor
Coaxial Ribbon Pigtail
Conductor Material Aluminum Aluminum Alloy
Copper Nickel
Size Core cross-sec
1~2000 0.05mm2~630mm2
Cable Features Braided Mineral Insulated
EMI/RFI Molded
Field Repairable Neoprene Molded
Flexible Over Molded
High Density Semi Rigid
Lead Free Shielded
Halogen free High Temp
Production Volume Prototype Small Run
Low Volume High Volume